Statement of Environmental Effect Report

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Statement of Environmental Effect Report

The statement of environmental effect is the report that explains the likely impact that the proposed project will have on the environment and the measures that will be taken to mitigate the impacts. The report also contains a detailed assessment of how the proposed project relates to the policy and plan control of the land and type of development. This report is an important part of the development application and well-designed plans.

The statement of environmental effect report is required for all development applications (no matter how minor it is). The basic details that the report must address are the relevant policy and control, environmental issues relating to your project proposal, the likely environmental impact, and the steps that will be taken to protect the community and environment.

The statement of environmental effect report recognizes and explains the impact of the project proposal and how the impacts can be minimised. This information in the report includes written information about the proposal, plans, and drawings. For the proposals with little impact, only a very brief statement is required, and it must be explained in the report. 

The statement of environmental effect report should address all issues applicable to the proposal. The report must show if the site of the project is suitable. Some factors also need to be considered. Some of the factors include the site constraint (Geology, topography, flooding, water issues, etc.), proximity to transport, compatibility with land zoning and visual setting, condition, and age of the building and the local planning objectives. The present and previous use of the land should be included in the application. The compliance of the project with the development standard as well as the guidelines for the design. 

The best person you can call to prepare this report is the town planner. This is why Metroplanning Services offers the service to assist you in preparing this important document that will accompany your development application.

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