Development Feasibility

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Development Feasibility

You can only get professional, cost-effective, reliable ad timely advice on development from professionals. Metro Planning Services offer to assist you with due diligence and analysis of development potential and navigation of the environmental regulations and approval for a development project.

KEEPLAN helps in

  • Reviewing the due diligence on the development: KEEPLAN will help you review the due diligence of the development and ensure the development is feasible from a Planning perspective.
  • Providing professional advice on the project and its approval: You can always decide to start a development project, but sometimes some of your moves might not be the best. This is why it is advisable to get professional advice on the feasibility of the project. This will open your eyes to some hidden details about the development project.
  • Carrying out research and keeping you abreast of the legislation and policy changes or reforms: At Metro Planning Services, we pride in our job, and we have up to date information on the legislative policy and reform changes. 


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