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Neighbour Submission to Council

Are your neighbours planning to renovate a building or erect a structure? Did you get an invitation from them, or did the Council inform you about the development? Irrespective of how you heard, the next thing you might be worried about is if the project will affect your home. Will the project make you lose views, sunlight, or privacy? We can advise you if the proposal is compliant or not. If there are matters that adversely affect you, we can prepare an objection on your behalf for submission to Council.

If you want to assess your neighbour’s development application, it involves detailed analysis of plans and documentation. Getting professional help makes you feel confident, and they also help with the navigation of the ins and outs of the development application. We at Metroplanning Services know the intricate details, and we will be glad to assist you where your neighbour’s application doesn’t meet the rules, and we help you mount your argument.

We will also help you read drawings and visualise what the final project will look like and the impact it will have on your home.

Why hire a professional:

  • You don’t have the time to go through the rules, and you might not be sure if your neighbour is violating any of the rules.
  • You won’t have a clear understanding of the terms, drawing, and technical aspects of the report.

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