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One of the reasons why we are in business is as a result of the fact that we want to ensure the environment is a safe and better place to live.

Our town planning service is unique because we have a strong team of architects, civil engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, and construction managers that help us in delivering the first-class service and also liaising and meeting with the right bodies.

Metroplanning Services offers a wide range of Town Planning services, including but not limited to the following areas:

Development Applications: Whatever your proposal, Metroplanning Services can prepare and co-ordinate the lodgement of your development application to Council. Development Applications can be prepared for all residential, commercial, industrial and rural projects along with building use proposals.

Council Negotiations: If you require expert assistance with making an enquiry concerning the development potential of your land, regularising unauthorised building works, or making a submission to a Council, Metroplanning Services can help.

Rezoning/Planning Proposals: Rezoning land can be a difficult process to endure. It makes sense to hire a professional town planner to prepare your rezoning submission (Planning Proposal). Metroplanning Services can prepare rezoning submissions and negotiate the rezoning process on your behalf with your local Council and NSW Department of Planning.

Opinion and advice as to the planning compliance and merit of proposals. Metroplanning Services can prepare objections to development on behalf of neighbours and other interested parties if we feel that there are reasonable grounds for such a submission.

Property rezoning submissions and Draft Local Environmental Plans: On occasion it becomes apparent that the current zoning of land may be inappropriate or redundant given the site context, location or for other strategic reasons. We can assist in the making of application to Councils for rezoning of land and/or for preparation of draft Local Environmental plans that may make specific uses permissible within the current zoning.

Planning Due Diligence Reports and Development Potential: Metroplanning Services can provide reports in relation to the planning status of land, applicable constraints and the potential of the land for further development. Such reports can be advantageous when considering the purchase or sale of property or when investigating the potential of existing land holdings.

Pre Development Application Meetings: (Pre DA meetings) Depending on the nature and complexity of the matter we will recommend attendance at a Pre Development Application meeting with the relevant Council. These meetings are valuable in the provision of relevant information that may assist in the preparation of the development application and save time after submission.

Conflict of Interest: We offer services to Local Government in the assessment of development applications in situations related to Council owned land or in situations where there may be issues of conflict of interest and where workload determines engagement of external consultants.

Land & Environment Court appeals and preparation of expert evidence. We have many years of experience in the preparation of expert evidence for appeals in the Land & Environment Court whether this be by way of full appeal procedures or conferences. We have contacts with experienced solicitors and barristers who can provide the appropriate advocacy skills necessary in such matters.

Our Founder

John Mckee

John Mckee

Principle Planner

John Mckee has been recognized as a progressive and professional town planning consultant that prides himself on his commitment to serve clients in a professional and highly responsive manner.

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