Project Management

We offer Project Management services for all types of development proposals, commencing with initial site constraint analysis, preparation of conceptual development plans, lodgement of Development Applications to Council through to ultimate construction and occupation.

KEEPLAN manages the preparation of complex development applications. This includes co-ordinating the reporting requirements of a range of experts to address all aspects of development, including surveyors, engineers, architects and ecologists, to ensure a smooth approval process.  

The approach taken by KEEPLAN is to provide comprehensive information up-front and to minimise departures from law and policy so that assessment times are reduced and costs associated with delays are contained.  

KEEPLAN works closely with the client, architects, engineers, solicitors and other property and design professionals to prepare and coordinate the submission of competent development applications. Legislative and local requirements for development application submission are detailed and usually extensive. Proper preparation of a development application can avoid costly time delays and lead to quicker processing times. We ensure a full and complete submission and strive to ensure that all aspects of the DA submission are comprehensive, properly detailed and would withstand scrutiny at both Council and if necessary in the Land and Environment Court.